As part of our DSEAR compliance services we can inspect and report on the integrity and suitability status of all your explosion protected equipment in the hazardous area.

The inspections are carried out in accordance with BS EN 60079-17 and are completed by competent and CompEx-approved engineers. All inspections are backed up by a detailed safety inspection report including recommendations for safety improvements where necessary. Minor repairs and corrections can be carried out during inspection (with prior approval) and will be fully documented in the inspection report.

All work is fully guaranteed to comply with the requirements of DSEAR. Where no equipment inventory is present we can provide this as part of our inspection service thereby optimising the process for subsequent periodic inspections.

We can carry out all types of inspection including visual, close and detailed and can also assist you in determining the most appropriate and cost effective inspection solutions for your workplace whilst still ensuring that the minimum requirements for legislative compliance and safety are achieved.