4 Square Engineering can provide a full range COMAH compliance services including preliminary assessment of your company activities to determine if COMAH actually applies and thereafter to assist in the production of your safety case reports and essential documentation such as MAPPs, risk assessments, etc.

4 Square Engineering can assist in your COMAH training / compliance programme to ensure that your personnel are aware of the regulatory requirements and that they know what their responsibilities are in terms of complying with the regulations and your own operational procedures.

The preliminary assessment examines the site hazards and associated processes to quantify the level of risk likely to be present. The compliance process thereafter serves to investigate all such risks and may include the requirement to carry out further assessment such as Quantitative Risk Assessment (QRA). Once the risks are known and understood we can assist in the implementation of control measures to ensure that those risks to workers and the public are controlled to tolerable levels.

We can also assist in the creation of emergency response plans and table-top training exercise scenarios in order to provide a high degree of confidence that your information, training and emergency response systems are sufficiently robust so as to ensure that the scale of effects of major accidents is controlled and minimised.

4 Square Engineering has extensive experience of site assessment and determination and implementation of physical and organisational measures in terms of ensuring health and safety compliance. We enjoy providing a pragmatic approach to achieving safety based on over 25 years of experience.

COMAH Auditing

We can also provide COMAH compliance audits to give you the assurance that existing organisational measures are being implemented in practice in terms of following regulatory and internal procedures. We can audit any aspect of your compliance or carry out a root and branch audit of all activities.

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