4 Square Engineering provides fire risk assessments for industrial premises as part of its suite of specialist health and safety consultancy services.

We can provide assessments for the smallest single storey buildings through to the largest designed for many hundreds of personnel.

Our approach to carrying out fire risk assessments is the same as all of our other specialist consultancy services. We provide a pragmatic approach in terms of maximising safety whilst minimising the cost of compliance. This is not achieved at the expense of risk to employees but is achieved through ensuring that every penny spent on compliance is necessary and provides measurable value in terms of risk reduction to employees and the public.

We look at your operations and premises to determine the likely causes of fire, the likely methods of escalation, the systems installed to detect the presence of fire and finally the systems and escape routes in place to enable personnel to escape in a timely and controlled fashion.

The fire risk assessment gives you the assurance that you have complied with the regulatory requirements of the fire regulations in terms of ensuring that personnel safety is maintained and provides the basic information necessary with which to train and prepare your employees for their response to fires in the workplace.

In addition to provision of new fire risk assessments we can also provide interim audits and inspections to ensure working arrangements are in compliance with existing assessments.

Please give us a call if you would like to discuss how we can assist you in the fire regulations compliance process.