4 Square Engineering Consultancy Limited can provide an array of safety engineering reviews and studies. We use the latest safety and hazard analysis software which is recognised as the world leader for process safety analysis.

The benefits of Dyadem's PHA Pro software mean that safety study actions can be recorded and allocated instantaneously and all action tracking requirements can be integrated into the formal report of all such studies.

We can provide all administrative requirements for your HAZOP, SIL and risk assessments, including arranging venues, invitations, mailing / distribution, etc.

We can provide the expertise you require to maximise the benefits of existing knowledge and can provide chair and scribe functions to ensure that all you need to do is partake in the discussion and assessment on the day.

  • HAZOP Studies (HAZard and OPerability)
    4 Square has highly experienced personnel and can effectively chair your HAZOP sessions to ensure that the key objectives of the session/s are achieved without straying out of the defined scope of the study.
  • SIL Assessment (LOPA, Risk Graph)
    4 Square can provide this essential requirement for all safety-related process plant control equipment. We can identify the necessary SIL of your process using a variety of methods including risk graph and LOPA (layers of protection analysis) and also design an appropriate safety instrumented system (SIS) where applicable in order to meet the requirements of your system. Procedures and policies for ongoing maintenance and inspection for SIS' can also be provided.
  • Risk Assessment
    4 Square uses a semi-quantitative system of analysis that can be tailored to every client's requirements easily and quickly. Whilst it is preferable to use the client's existing risk criteria statements 4 Square can provide generic criteria should this not be available. 4 Square can provide risk assessment of all work activities from small individual tasks and activities through to assessing the combinational risk of many activities being carried out simultaneously such as in plant overhaul or shut-down activities.
  • PHSER (Project Health, Safety, Environmental Review)
    4 Square can provide a strategic and independent review of all project activities from small projects through to multi-million pound projects. The review process is in accordance with industry best practice and provides a report that clearly documents all necessary action tracking essential for ensuring a timely and cost effective resolution to issues presenting an intolerable risk to the project.