4 Square Engineering can assist in the creation of a health and safety management system that provides a structured means of achieving a safe workplace from initial assessment of risk associated with your operational activities through to provision of internal procedures and processes with which to achieve the required level of safety.

The provision of a health and safety management system is a regulatory requirement. Failure to provide such a system within your workplace will undoubtedly result in some kind of loss to the business. It is the function of management controls by way of the health and safety management system procedures to ensure that the health and welfare of plant and personnel is maintained under all foreseeable plant conditions (normal and abnormal).

HSE Auditing

A robust audit process is always present in any successful Health & Safety management system. An audit is used as a means of ensuring that existing measures are adequate and also to ensure that personnel are following those procedures and processes in their operational tasks. 4 Square Engineering can provide a range of audits from a snapshot of any particular aspect of your operation through to a root and branch audit of all operational activities looking at compliance with all relevant procedures and legislation.

In addition to internal audits 4 Square can also provide auditing services of your contractors to ensure that the health and safety systems employed are being used to their full effect and to ensure that risk is minimised in accordance with agreed standards.

If you would like to discuss how 4 Square Engineering can assist in improving your health and safety performance please give us a call.