On completion of this course delegates will be aware of all the relevant terminology of the hazardous area field and will understand the parameters of hazardous materials relevant to area classification assessments. Delegates will able to carry out basic hazardous area classification assessments using the techniques contained within BSEN60079-10 for indoor and outdoor situations using direct example and point source release methods of assessment.

Hazardous Area Fundamentals

  • Definition of hazardous areas / explosive atmospheres.
  • Zone classifications.
  • Properties of combustion / fire / explosion.
  • Protection concepts and applicable standards (BSEN 60079 series).
  • Flammable Facts: Gas groups, zones and temperature ratings.

EN60079-10 – Gas / Vapour Classification

  • Definitions
  • Objectives of area classification
  • Area classification procedure
  • Direct example / point source methods
  • Release sources / types of release
  • Type / extent of zone
  • Effects of ventilation / ventilation requirements
  • Calculations / calculation parameters
  • Classification exercises: Practical examples using the standard for indoor and outdoor applications