On completion of this course delegates will have a working knowledge of those aspects of DSEAR that are relevant to complying with Regulation 11 (Duty of Co-ordination) when issuing permits for work in hazardous areas.

The course provides the background to the regulations and delegates are required to assess several hypothetical tasks to be completed and then provide the associated permits to work as necessary (in small groups). The training examples seek to highlight the requirements of DSEAR to the permit issuer to ensure that the authorised work is carried out with the greatest degree of rigour to prevent explosions from occurring as a result of high risk activities such as inspection and maintenance.

The course seeks to ensure that delegates will follow the prioritised methods of prevention, control and mitigation detailed within DSEAR. Some prior knowledge is required but this is expected to be in place as a result of the responsibilities of those attending the course.

DSEAR Permit Issuers Training Course

  • Introduction to the ATEX directives.
  • UK Implementation of ATEX directives (DSEAR and EPS).
  • Properties of materials / properties of combustion.
  • Equipment standards and marking
  • DSEAR requirements for risk assessment and duty of co-ordination
  • Group exercises: Assess and issue permits to work
  • Review and discussion of group permits