On completion of this course delegates will be aware of their own responsibilities and that of their employers. They will be able to confidently approach all types of workplace risk assessment scenarios using the techniques taught within the course and will be able to provide suitable and sufficient assessments for the purposes of maximising safety in their workplaces.

The course is very much hands-on with the delegates carrying out a significant number of assessments from simple through to complex in order to build knowledge, experience and confidence in the techniques being taught.

Session 1 - Legal Background to risk assessment

  • Why is it required?
  • H&S Legislation
  • Personal and corporate responsibilities

Session 2 - Risk Assessment Techniques

  • What is risk?
  • What is a hazard?
  • Common types of assessment
  • Exercises: Basic assessments
  • Task Based Risk Assessment Method
  • Exercises: Basic assessments using TBRA