On completion of this course delegates will have a working knowledge of how non-ATEX certified nonelectrical equipment can be assessed for its ignition capable properties. The course provides clarity on the applicable definitions to determine when such assessments should be carried out and guides delegates on the process of carrying out assessments and implementing control / safety measures.

EU and UK legislation is covered including personal and corporate responsibilities. Prior knowledge is not essential as the course includes the information necessary for those less experienced in the subject.

Ignition Hazard Assessment Training Course

  • Introduction to the ATEX directives.
  • UK Implementation of ATEX directives (DSEAR and EPS).
  • Properties of materials / properties of combustion.
  • Equipment standards and marking
  • DSEAR requirements for non-electrical equipment.
  • BSEN1127-1: Explosion Prevention and Protection
  • BSEN13463-1: Non-Electrical Equipment – Ignition Hazard Assessment
  • BSEN13463-6: Non-Electrical Equipment – Protection by Control of Ignition Sources
  • IHA Delegate Exercises