On completion of this course delegates will a have wide knowledge of most aspects of achieving and maintaining safety in those workplaces containing potentially explosive atmospheres. EU and UK legislation is covered including personal and corporate responsibilities. Prior knowledge is not essential as the course includes the information necessary for those less experienced in the subject.

Session 1 Hazardous Area Fundamentals

  • Definition of hazardous areas / explosive atmospheres.
  • Zone classifications.
  • Properties of combustion / fire / explosion.
  • Protection concepts and applicable standards (BSEN 60079 series).
  • Flammable Facts: Gas groups, zones and temperature ratings.

Session 2 Introduction to ATEX

  • Introduction to the ATEX directives and key dates of implementation.
  • Why the ATEX directives exist.
  • Implementation and enforcement.
  • ATEX 137: Use directive – 1999/92/EC.
  • Essential health and safety requirements.

Session 3 UK Implementation

  • Duty of care,
  • Risk assessment.
  • Elimination / reduction of risk.
  • Hazardous area requirements.
  • Emergency procedures / arrangements.
  • Information / instruction / training.
  • Identification of hazardous material containment.
  • Duty of co-ordination.
  • Responsibilities: Operator, designer, contractor, employee.

Session 4 Risk Assessment

  • Risk assessment: Why, when, where, what, how, who?
  • Safety measures: What are the minimum requirements?
  • Control, mitigation, training, procedures, permit systems.
  • Delegate Exercise: Works DSEAR risk assessment